Tacuapí Lodge services are based on respect for the local culture, incorporating local traditional food prepared and presented in an international level.
Organic products from local and regional orchards are used. We also offer special menus, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, ovo-lacto vegetarian and vegan.
Since we are in the middle of the forest and distant 16 km from the nearest urban center, it is extremely important to inform us of any special menu at the time of booking. To this end we provide a form via email.
We have an open kitchen, and if visitors want, they can make their own recipes and share them.
In the evening, weather permitting, we cook outdoors in our Matera.


We like to stand out the typical food from Misiones, that’s why the breakfast is Misionero and not Continental.
All products are organic and provided by local farmers and shops.

The Tacuapi Breakfast is made of:
-Natural juice using seasonal fruits.
-Tea, coffee, mate cocido, cacao.
-Toasted homemade bread. Seasonal homemade jams.
-Chipitas. Reviro. Butter. Milk. Seasonal fruits.

  > LUNCH   

Usually, homemade pasta varieties that allow us to have energy to do the trekking tours or other activities scheduled for the afternoon.

  > DINNER   

We offer regional dishes of poultry, red meat, and typical meals from Misiones.
We don’t incorporate fish in our menu since we are in the central mountain ranges of Misiones, far away from the riverbanks and we can not guarantee the continuity of the cold chain.
Weather permitting, we cook outdoors so everyone can learn the local recipes.