The Eco-lodge and conservation

Tacuapí Lodge is located in the central mountain ranges of Misiones, a benign place because of it height (550m over sea level), which favors the weather is not so high in summer, and reduces the presence of insects.
The main objective is that the green areas of the lodge are a reflection of the commitment of the ecolodge with the environment, constituting it also as a means for learning and another attraction of the lodge.
The most important difference between the concept of Tacuapi Lodge and other facilities, is that we are dedicated to the preservation and respect for the environment. This prevails over everything. The guests naturally feels they are part of an ecotourism-based environmental project. During their visit they not only discover the curiosities of the most biodiverse environment of the country. Also internally they discover two surprising things: the deep relationship between man and nature as an energy entity; and that during their visit to Tacuapi Lodge, guests makes their contribution to a new concept of conservation and sustainability.

At an ecotourist technical level, this is the heart of Tacuapi Lodge success. Passengers come in one way, and when leaving, they do it with another idea and try to implement it. They have received a teaching, have experienced it and probably will try to transfer it to their daily lives.
The touristic sustainability is based on the proper management of natural resources, and the proper bonding of the Company with the Community where it is established. Since the beginning of the Tacuapi project, we have worked hard in terms of environmental care; We carried out several environmental studies that served us to determine the best ecotouristic system to achieve the least possible impact on a fragile environment such as the Atlantic Forest.

We eradicated tobacco plantations that had been going on for many years since neighbors who were engaged in them, left the production to work in our enterprise, directly or indirectly. From this operational base, very friendly to the environment, we started a few years ago to expand the concept of sustainability in Tacuapi, dedicating us to the social area. Beyond generating employment opportunities locally, we started providing education and training, having a volunteer program available, making purchases to conscious suppliers, minimizing the use of packaging and using biodegradable components.

We give many recommendations for the proper conduct of the traveler in favor of the natural environment, from not collecting native species to reducing the waste produced during the visit. We believe that tourism is already taking a step forward and today visitors should not only be a participant in environmental conservation but also should be a controlling agent of social impacts that global tourism generates. In general the traveler must respect its host, understand their way of life, their realities, needs and prospects. That is, join the destination they visit impacting it in the slightest way. To do this, nothing better than enjoying the trip using local service providers, ensuring this way that tourism is a genuine generator of wealth and benefits for local communities.


Tacuapi lodge provides an experience of contact with the natural and cultural environment of the region where it is located, aimed at those interested in the enjoyment and respect for the environment.
Our company is composed of a staff ready to respond to each of your needs or requirements and provide you with a personalized service, always guaranteeing the best level of trust, responsibility and efficiency in the services offered.


Tacuapi Lodge plans to become a sustainable company, leader in the practice of Ecotourism in the Province.


– Respect
– Honesty
– Responsibility
– Commitment
– Trust
– Amiability
– Sincerity
– Solidarity
– Gratitude
– Simplicity

Tacuapi Ecolodge

  • We manage small groups of visitors to lower the environmental impact.

  • We promote the sustainability of natural resources (water, energy, environment), as well as endangered species.

  • We have achieved the Rainforest Alliance Verification, and we are working now to obtain the Certification.

  • We classify waste, recycle it, and see where it goes.

  • We have a program of recovery of native plants, and also exotics such, as eucalyptus, of fast growing and good calorific value to generate our own fuelwood.

  • Only 4 of the 50 hectares of our property have been used to build the lodge.

  • Our tourists have 2.5 hectares of forest per person available to enjoy.
  • All cabins windows have insect screens and birds silhouettes stickers so that other birds do not crash into glasses.
  • Cabins are built and decorated with waste materials from nature, and are painted in colors that resemble nature to avoid negative contrasts.
  • Cabins are located several meters apart from each other to ensure tourists privacy.
  • We manage small groups of tourists.
  • We strongly believe in preserving the environment for your enjoyment, therefore we recommend to to take care of water consumption, to avoid dumping soap, shampoos and hot water to lower the impact on the ecosystem.
  • We classify waste, recycle what’s possible and transport the inorganic remains to the nearest town to properly dump it.
  • We minimize the use of detergents. We ask that, if it’s possible, not to replace all the towels every day, to thereby minimize environmental impact by reducing the use of water, soaps and ironing them.
  • We have trash cans and ashtrays on the decks, and around the lobby and restaurant to avoid throwing cigarette butts and anything that can pollute the landscape and the environment.
  • We stimulate social, economic and cultural integration and interaction with the locals. In the social sphere, self-esteem of the locals increases; they begin to assess their farms as an attractive, participating in the sale of products, provision of fruit and vegetables from the farm, rides in carts pulled by oxen, and other activities . The neighbor value their cultural heritage, proudly showing their property, their customs, their food, their music, enhancing and improving their quality of life and that of his family.
  • We are not in favor of child exploitation.
  • We don’t agree with human trafficking and sexual exploitation.