Opcional Activities

  4×4 Tours  

From Tacuapí Lodge you can take different tours:

– Moconá Falls
– Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio
– Iguazu Falls
– Ibera Wetlands

– Waterfall Rappelling
– Visits to Aboriginal Villages of Cuña Pirú
– Visits to Yerba Mate and Tea processing plants
– Tour to Parque Provincial Cruce Caballero

  Waterfall Rappelling  

Waterfall rappelling is a system of rope descent by friction, technique used by the army of Alexander the Great and improved over the centuries by mountaineers. We have introduced it into the local forest to add more adrenaline to the activity, doing it in waterfalls and performing it from different heights, traditionally, inverted front or head. These activities can be carried out both day and night.

  > Jesuitic Ruins of San Ignacio Miní  

Visit to the House of Horacio Quiroga . Trekking through the places that shaped his personality.

Visit to the .Jesuit Ruins of San Ignacio.

Driving along the National Route 12, we’ll lunch at a typical local restaurant.

It is recommended to do it in the afternoon to be able to walk.
At night you can watch the spectacle of light and sound, highly recommended, in which is told in a very particular way the history of the region, its rise, peak and end.

  > Tour to the Mocona Falls   

The day will start very early. A delicious breakfast will keep us going through the journey to the exact spot where the earth opens up to talk with man: the grand Moconá Falls, a unique natural attraction in the world: an endless waterfall of 3km long by 15 meters height, which is located in an important green bastion of the planet, sheltered under the figure of Provincial Park and Biosphere Reserve Yabotí. The majesty of the falls and the breeze from hundreds of waterfalls cause a real concert. We will make a boat trip to the Moconá Falls, to meet their riverbeds and an unforgettable
baptism in their mists.
At noon we’ll have lunch over basaltic rock in full contact with nature, amidst the towering waterfalls. Break. Walk through the water. And in the afternoon we’ll return, arriving at Tacuapí Lodge at sunset. Dinner and rest.

  > Also Available  

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls
Ibera wetlands
Ibera wetlands
Aboriginal Villages from Cuña Pirú
A shocking journey where we will meet their customs and traditions, also the cultural center and school.
Yerba mate and Tea processing plants
An Interesting tour to the largest and most modern yerba mate and tea processing plant of the province to discover how these delicious infusions are produced.
Provincial Park Cruce Caballero
Distant 180 km from the lodge is a well-preserved nature reserve. Local Flora and Fauna. Tree ferns, ancient trees.
Horseback riding
We’ll pass through rural roads, tea and yerba mate plantations, forest areas, and cross streams.
Salto Encantado
We’ll cross paths deck, high above the jungle, part of the 13000 hectares of protected forest that has the Salto Encantado Provincial Park, accompanied by local guides.
Cascades Tour
We’ll visit the largest waterfalls in the central region of Misiones, watching the incredible scenery that gives us the jungle.
Santa Ana Cross
It’s an amazing theme park, with a cross as prominent symbol surrounded by the natural environment of the jungle of Misiones.

Birds Garden
A visit to the Birds Garden.
Mountain Bike
We’ll visit yerba mate and tea plantations nearby the lodge.
Experience the feeling of plunging into the vastness, feeling at every moment the fresh air and the serenity of the jungle.