> Low Difficulty

From the deck you start to feel the aroma of the forest. The surrounding vegetation, the dense jungle at its best refreshes our walk. We discover centuries-old vines, giant ferns, ancient hunters positions, and what’s even more shocking, the stories and legends of the place.

Duration 2 hs.


> Medium Difficulty

This tour takes place in the midst of a unique forest landscape. On our walk we find bridges over streams of clear water, sections of deck and balconies with stunning jungle views. The Tacuapí waterfall marks the end of the path and upon arrival we will have observed places of forest unique in the Green Corridor.

Duration 2:30hs.


> High difficulty

For the more daring, and with a thirst for exotic locations and adventure, this new tour will dazzle the senses. We’ll visit La Olla: a relaxing oasis in the middle of the jungle, where the hardness of the road will make us understand that as a result we can still enjoy crystal clear waters in pools and waterfalls that occur under the mantle of the virgin forest.

Duration 3 hs.


– Bring appropriate clothing according to season

– Comfortable Footwear

– Extra Shoes

– Several pairs of socks

– Cap or hat

– Insect repellent and sunscreen

– Charged batteries, empty memories

– And good vibes!